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Privacy Policy

We understand that your privacy is important. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users. The following details explain how

we collect information. By using the EXPRESS CASH REGISTERS & POS SOLUTIONS  website (www.expresspos.com.au) and

services, you are agreeing to the privacy practices outlined below:

 To enable you to order from our website you will first need to register with us.  To do this you must be over

eighteen years of age.  All of the information that you supply must be correct and you should inform us as soon as

practicable should any details change.  The information we hold on our database is not sold for commercial gain and

is governed by a strict privacy policy which is outlined in these terms.When you register you agree to allow us to send you

communications regarding any order or potential order, offers and company updates from time to time.  If you do not wish for us to

send this information, please let us know by calling us at (03)94714666 or at 1300 650 466 for unsubscribing from any communication we

make with you by emailing us at solutions@expresspos.com.au and stating the name and email address you registered with & we will

remove your contact details from our data base.

Personal Information

Our first priority is your privacy. Under no circumstances will we sell, rent or give your email address, personal details, or any other data

collected to anyone.

In order to help us provide you with a more personalised service, personal information may be collected about visitors to the site.

However, this information is retained only when visitors willingly submit their details. EXPRESS CASH REGISTERS & POS SOLUTIONS

does not require users to register for an account or provide personal details.

However, to maximise our service, we may collect the following type of information: Information you provide: for example, name or gender.

User communications:

For instance, if you send an email to us, we may record your details in order to process your inquiry, improve our services and to respond

adequately to your request.


EXPRESS CASH REGISTERS & POS SOLUTIONS reserves the right to keep track of what links appearing on the website have been


This information is used to improve the quality of our search technology and any customised content.

Use of Personal Information

Any information users submit to the website is used only for the purpose for which it has been submitted. Your personal information may

be used by us for a number of reasons connected to our business operations (for example, providing you with better products and/or


With your consent, we may use your information to send you marketing materials. This is designed to provide you with updated

information about the goods and services we offer. Additionally, such material may be sent with the intention of conducting research in

order to provide you with a better service. If you do not wish to receive such content, please let us know & we will and remove your details

from our mailing list.

 EXPRESS CASH REGISTERS & POS SOLUTIONS will share personal information with other companies or individuals in the following


  • You have given us your consent We share the information with the belief that it is for some reason necessary to do so
  • We may share other information (without your consent) with third parties about non-personal information and collated data such as the
  • number of searches for a particular term.

    This information will in no way identify you personally.


We aim to ensure that any personal information submitted by you is secure. We review our security measures regularly and update them

accordingly. We cannot guarantee that all data is 100% secure due to the nature of the internet. However, we aim to take all necessary

and reasonable steps to ensure that all personal information gathered is protected.

 At no time EXPRESS CASH REGISTERS & POS SOLUTIONS will be held liable for any damages whatsoever originating from, or in any

way associated with the use of information available from this website.